Gail S. Kibby White - Author

Susan's Stalkers - Double The Fear

     Susan Sutherland is being stalked by two different men with violent pasts who both live in her apartment complex in Ohio.

     Francine Brand had been assaulted and brutally beaten by one of these men in Texas. Francine is now hunting him to make him pay for ruining her life.

     Susan's Stalkers - Double the Fear is the first book in the Susan's Stalkers series of books (yet to be written). Tentative publication date is December, 2016.

     Subsequent books in the series will be about Susan Sutherland, the web site she establishes to assist the victims of stalkers and the experiences of the people she meets and helps through her web site.

     Future Susan's Stalker Publications - Tentative Titles include:

     Susan's Stalkers - Safe? House

     Susan's Stalkers - The Clown - It's NOT Funny

     Susan's Stalkers - What's My Name?

     Susan's Stalkers - The Diner

Watch for the publication date announcement in this site or my author's blog

Below is an excerpt from this Prologue of this book: 

Francine pulled into the parking lot and her assigned space in front of her apartment building and parked. After shutting off the engine, she reached over, grabbed her purse, slid out of the car, closed the door, and locked it. She turned and ran to the bottom of stairs that led to the second floor taking the steps two at a time. Her heart was pounding in anticipation of Sam’s arrival in about thirty minutes.

When she reached the second floor, she turned left and hurried down the balcony walkway that led to her apartment. When she reached the apartment door, she stopped, opened her purse and took out her keys, unlocked the door and stepped inside.

Anxiously waiting and watching just inside, Hank had seen Francine pull into the parking lot and heard her footsteps on the stairs then the balcony walkway. When he heard her key turning in the lock, he moved swiftly and quietly and stood behind the door.

As soon as Francine opened the door and stepped into her apartment, Hank slammed the door shut behind her. Startled, Francine dropped her purse, turned and upon seeing Hank, yelled, “Hank, What the hell are you doing in my apartment? Get out of here right now or I’m calling the police.”

Hank began ranting, “I love you, Francine. I can’t live without you. Can’t you see we’re soulmates? I knew the very first time I saw you that we were meant for each other. I’m a far better man than that guy you’re shacking up with. How could you do that? You’ve never even given me a chance to prove to you how much I love you and could make you happy. I’ve tried and tried. You haven’t been fair to me. What is it? You think I’m not good enough for you?”

Angry and shocked, Francine loudly exclaimed, “How… many… times… do I have to tell you I am NOT interested in dating you, Hank? This has nothing to do with whether you’re good enough for me or not. I’m just NOT interested. Now I’m only going to tell you one more time… get out of my apartment or I’m calling the police.”

The anger inside that had been building in Hank with each rejection had finally gone beyond the eruption point. This last rejection enraged him particularly since he had just bared his soul expressing his love for her. 

Francine leaned down, picked up her purse, and began searching for her cell phone. Like an explosion Hank grabbed Francine from behind by her hair and threw her down onto the carpeted floor. He jumped on top of her. Her purse and its contents flew across the room; her cell phone landed close by on the carpet.

Bitch! I guess I’m going to have to teach you a lesson, girl. Nobody, but nobody talks to me that way and gets away with it especially after all I’ve done to show you how much I love you. You just don’t know a good thing what you’ve got it…. whore! I’ll show you!” 

Francine was now desperately trying to fight him off, but Hank was strong. She was quickly losing the battle. Hank beat her in the face with his fists, grabbed her by the throat, and squeezed until she finally stopped struggling. Francine lay there gasping for air and bleeding from a cut over her right eye. Her nose was bleeding and appeared to be broken. 

Hank finally let go of her throat and began tearing off her nurse’s uniform. Francine continued desperately gasping for air. After a few seconds when she could breathe again, with every bit of strength she could muster, she began scratching his face and arms.

Hank was now kneeling with his knees resting on Francine’s legs pinning her to the floor. He began punching her in the face again and again in an effort to make her stop fighting him. He pinned her right arm down with his left hand. Francine’s left hand and arm that weren’t pinned down kept scratching his arms trying make him let go and get off of her. She tried to scream, but nothing came out. He punched her hard in the face one more time. This time she lay still.