Gail S. Kibby White - Author

A Box of Tissues, 2 Rolls of Toilet Paper and a Plastic Bottle of Water

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A wealthy prestigious Tampa Bay, Florida defense attorney has been kidnapped, drugged, and thrown into a room containing only a potty chair, two rolls of toilet paper, a box of tissues, and a plastic bottle of water. He wakes up to find his wallet is missing and his clothes are dirty and bloody. He has no idea where he is, who did this to him, or why. The first thing he must do is find a way to “safely” get out of this room without alarming the people who put him here.

This is Book #1 in the series of six short stories to be published as one book titled Great 'Lil Escapes.

Book #2 is titled The Brave 'Lil Cockroach.

Book #3 will be titled Give That Dog a Bone

Published as a FREE download ebook June 1, 2016 in