Publications by Gail S. Kibby White


Going out of business notification

     Since January, 1998, Tailored PC Documents has been "$ucce$$fully" providing professional virtual/remote personalized secretarial services to businesses, organizations and individuals in the United States and even in England.. Tailored PC Documents is a sole-proprietorship based in the Tampa Bay, Florida area.

     After 18 1/2 successful years in business, Tailored PC Documents is going out of business. I turned 81 years old on June 5, 2016 and have decided to devote the remainder of my time here on earth to writing novels and self-help books which I love doing.

     My sincere thanks and appreciation to all of the wonderful customers I've been privileged to meet and work for over these many years. It's been a pleasure, not a labor.

      I also give thanks to God for providing me with the knowledge, skills and ability to be able to do all of the many different types of jobs I've been asked to do since 1998. It's been "quite a ride". ;-)

      Thanks again to everyone I've met and made friends with along the way!


My publications pages

     I hope you'll check out the publications pages in this site that list some of the ebooks I've published to date and those that are still "in the works".  Links to the sites where my books are listed as either FREE to download or for sale will be added to the appropriate page under the book titles as I keep this site updated..

     I've learned many things about secretarial work, dealing with customers etc. in my 63 years working in the corporate world including the 18 1/2 years with Tailored PC Documents.

      I've continually updated my skills (including computer technology, hardware and software) as new methods and technology evolved since my very first office job as a secretary with Pennsylvania Greyhound Lines in Cleveland, Ohio right after I graduated high school in June, 1953.

     For years I have loved books and TV shows dealing with the law, crime, mysteries and suspense. After all of the books I've typed, transcribed, formatted and published for customers, I decided to try my hand at writing my own.     

     I also wanted to pass on to others the tricks, tips, secrets and shortcuts I've learned about secretarial work, transcription, typing, Word, Excel, recording meetings and running your own secretarial service from home.

      If you enjoy my books, I would be grateful if you could take time to write a short review about the book in the web site you purchased it from.

     Later in 2016, my books will be published in print as well as ebooks for sale in Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other book selling sites. I plan to keep this site until the end of 2016.

     My two Author's blog sites are now live.

     One Blog site is about my transcription and secretarial services help books where I'll be posting weekly tips to help you work smarter and more efficiently.

    The other site will keep my readers up to date on the progress of my new mystery-suspense books.

       I will be keeping the Tailored PC Documents site updated until I close it out in December.

       I hope I can include everyone who visits this site in my blog site fan base..

       Wish me luck.


Gail S. Kibby White